Buddy Program
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The Buddy Program was developed as a way of formalizing the relationship between new members and veteran members. The program offers a structured setting in which to develop beneficial one-on-one relationships between members. Acting as a friend, a teacher, and a guide to the real world, buddies have the opportunity to encourage and advise new members by sharing their own experiences and knowledge of the HR profession and the PHRA.

Purpose of the Program:

  • Familiarize new members with the member benefits of the PHRA and the events held by the PHRA
  • Gain an experienced HR practitioner's perspective on real-life situations
  • Identify long-term professional development needs and how the PHRA can help with these needs
  • Realize the value of networking
  • Develop a meaningful professional relationship over a specified period of time  

How does the Buddy Program work?

A group of established PHRA volunteers, comprised mostly from the PHRA Board of Directors, have volunteered to serve as mentors for the Buddy Program. To participate, email the following information to Katherine Miller, PHRA Membership Development Specialist, who will then review it and pass it along to the appropriate Buddy Program volunteer.





Please feel free to also share any additional information that you believe may be pertinent to the matching process. PHRA staff will do their best to match participants with Buddies based on the given criteria.

The selected volunteer will then reach out and welcome their new buddy within forty-eight business day hours. Once a mentor is matched with a buddy, it then becomes their responsibility to determine how their Buddy Program relationship will develop. Successful past examples include monthly phone calls, email communications, and meeting at various PHRA events and programs. 


If you are interested in participating in the program as a mentor or a mentee, please contact Katherine Miller, Membership Development Specialist, at KMiller@PittsburghHRA.org or 412-261-5537.

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