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Why should I sponsor a JSP?

A job sharing program provides an essential opportunity to test drive a career path or occupation. It also can help students to get a foot in the door in a competitive field. Their experience can be added to a resume as a way of demonstrating genuine interest in a specific field or employer. Students that secure this experience, especially as first years or sophomores, most likely will be better prepared to apply for internships and jobs in the future.

What should I expect from my student?

The sponsor should expect the student to arrive on time, appropriately dressed and ready to spend the day learning, observing and asking questions. Since the program is designed to provide students with exposure to a field, it is not expected that the student will have relevant job experience. Sponsors should keep in mind that the student is not a "temp" and therefore should not simply be assigned to clerical tasks throughout the day. Students value the opportunity to take on projects, to meet with colleagues, and to engage in activities that give them insight into a field.

What can I expect a student's substantive knowledge of my field to be?

Much like a job or internship, students with no formal or substantive professional experience are encouraged to apply. JSPs are open to students from all four class years. We hope you will introduce them to the rewards and challenges of your chosen field.

If I volunteer, am I guaranteed a student?

No. We give the right of first refusal to organizations who have sponsored JSP’s in the past.

How does the selection process work?

After you register, the PHRA Membership, Diversity, and College Relations Committee will match students to organizations first on the basis of selected discipline (by both parties) and second on the basis of location. After the matching process is complete, the PHRA Membership, Diversity, and College Relations Committee will contact both parties first by telephone then by email.

What are the job sharing program dates?

The sponsor and student will pick a mutually convenient date.

Am I expected to reimburse the student in any way?

The job sharing program is unpaid. Students are responsible for their own transportation, accommodation, and food expenses. Anything you care to provide to the student is accepted

How long is a job sharing program?

It may last one or two days. At the sponsor’s discretion, it may last longer, but this is not generally recommended. In most situations, one day will be sufficient.

Must I consider the student to be a potential employee?

No. There is no expectation that JSP involvement will result in hiring students for jobs or internships. We certainly welcome sponsors to inquire about student interest in any internships or jobs that their organizations may offer. We urge sponsors and students to keep in contact upon completion of JSP.

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