Student FAQ’S
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Where do I find a list of employers offering JSP’s?

We do not publish a list of employers offering JSP’s, employers apply every semester just as students do.

Why should I participate in a JSP?

A job sharing provides an essential opportunity to test drive a career path or occupation. It also can help you get a foot in the door in a competitive field. This experience can be added to a resume as a way of demonstrating genuine interest in a specific field or employer. Students from all class years are encouraged to apply.

How do I apply?

The JSP application process requires emailing your resume and submitting an application form.
You must be a current PHRA member to participate in the PHRA Job Shadow Program.

What do students actually do during a job sharing?

It depends upon the sponsor and field of work. Examples of activities may include taking a tour; conducting informational interviews with people in various specialties and roles; learning about the industry, culture of the organization, training, coursework and career paths; exploring the organization’s various resources; sitting in on meetings; or assisting with tasks and actual projects (e.g., conduct research, write reports).

How long is a JSP?

It will last one or two days. Occasionally, a JSP may be of longer duration at the sponsor’s discretion.

Will housing, transportation or meals be provided?

No. You are responsible for arranging and paying for your own expenses. Sometimes sponsors generously offer meals/transportation; however, you must be prepared to find your own.

Will I get paid for doing a JSP?

No, it is unpaid. There is no academic credit associated with the JSP.

Can I apply to more than one JSP?

Yes. You may apply for (and potentially be matched with) up to two JSP offerings per semester. Please note that if you apply to and get matched with more than one JSP, you will be expected to complete all of them.

What happens after I apply?

Once you have applied, the PHRA will review the applications received and match them to sponsor organizations in the Greater Pittsburgh area. Once a match is made, we will notify you and provide you with your sponsor’s contact information at a JSP orientation session. It is your responsibility to contact your sponsor to set up a date for your JSP after reviewing the guidelines that will be provided to you at the orientation session.

Will the sponsor offer me a job?

Keep in mind that JSP is not about getting a job or internship out of your experience. It is permissible to express interest in internship opportunities that the organization may offer in the future. If your sponsor asks about your interest and/or inquires about your plans, feel free to share such information.

What happens if I am not matched?

We guarantee that all applicants will be matched.


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